Android Google Invasion: Prepaid in U.K., Moto in US. and Sprint's

Androidlog.jpgExpect to see many more Android phone coming to market. Android phones are invading the planet.

At at U.K. press event, T-Mobile revealed a prepaid Android phone. The T-Mobile Pulse which sells for around $300.  The T-Mobile Pulse has a 3.5? touch screen, a 3.2 auto-focus megapixel camera, W-iFi,
SD card storage and GPS. The finish is black chrome finish with 
trackball for navigation.

Meanwhile back in the USA, Motorola is expected to launch an Android phone in San Francisco. Sprint announced that Android HTC Hero will be out October 11.

Android phones are growing in popularity because they have many Google integrated feature such as email, Google maps, and an open app market. The are also growing in popularity.
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