Heroic HTC Hero from Sprint 10/11 with Sense, Footprints and Wi-Fi

Thumbnail image for HTC_Hero_270x405.jpgSprint announced  that the HTC Hero with 3G
with  Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube will go on sale October 11, for
$179.99 (excluding taxes) after a $50 instant savings and a $100
mail-in rebate with a two-year service agreement..

HTC Hero is the first U.S. device to feature HTC Sense, an intuitive
experience. The device's seven-panel wide home screen
can be populated with customizable widgets that bring information to
the surface.

HTC Hero is a full-featured smartphone with Wi-Fi capability, a
3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen with pinch-to-zoom capability and a
fingerprint resistant coating, integrated GPS navigation, 5 megapixel camera and trackball

Additional features include:

  • Stereo Bluetooth 2.0 Wireless technology.
  • accelerometer, light sensor and home screen widgets for improved usability.
  • multimedia capable with microSD slot (32GB capable, 2GB included).
  • Sprint TV with live and on-demand programming.
  • NFL Mobile Live and NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile.
  • easy access to social networking sites, including Facebook, Flickr and Twitter
  • visual voice mail for quick and easy access to specific voice mail messages.

It is the first Sprint device to offer HTC FootprintsT,
an application experience that enables the user to chronicle their
special moments by capturing a digital postcard on their phone. Once
captured, Footprints provides the ability to take notes and an audio
clip of that favorite restaurant or special place while identifying its
specific location. In addition to identifying each postcard with its
specific GPS coordinates, Footprints also auto-names each postcard with
its general location or area.

HTC Hero users can easily create and switch between Scenes to
reflect different moments or roles in their lives, such as work,
social, travel and play. For example, a work Scene can be easily set up
to include stock updates, work email and calendar, a play Scene could
have music, weather, and a Twitter feed or a travel Scene could offer
instant access to the local time, weather and maps.

HTC Hero's development focused on how real people use their phone,
resulting in small but important touches to accentuate the mobile
experience. HTC Hero can be silenced by simply turning it over. It
offers an advanced smart dialer for quickly accessing contacts with
just a few letters or numbers and a dedicated search key that
automatically searches for only information relevant to the current
function. When pressed in the mail application, the search will be for
text within the mailbox, while a press of the same key from the browser
will initiate a Google search.

HTC Hero requires activation on a pricing plan offering unlimited data. Sprint's Simply EverythingSM
plan provides unlimited nationwide calling, texting, e-mail, social
networking, Web browsing, GPS navigation, Sprint TV, streaming music,
NFL Mobile Live, NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile and much more for only $99.99
per month. That's a savings of $1,200 over two years vs. a comparable
AT&T iPhone® plan2. Sprint Everything Data
plans with unlimited messaging and data start at just $69.99 for 450
minutes with unlimited night and weekend calling starting at 7 p.m.
(All price plans exclude Sprint surcharges and taxes.)

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