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BlackBerry Storm2sideview.jpgBlackBerry Storm2 Rated 4 out of 5 by Wireless and Mobile News' Review of Reviews

The reviews are showing up for the BlackBerry Storm2 and they are better than first BlackBerry Storm. Reviews range from rave (telling people to get in line) to suggesting that competitors are more full-featured.

The top-notch touchscreen is much more precise and better. The operating system is more responsive and faster than on the first gen BlackBerry Storm.  Most reviewers liked the addition of Wi-Fi and the excellent call quality. The camera was rated from good to dark. The operating system was called snappy. Voice quality was superb.

Most reviewers found the browser faster but some thought it was not as good as iPhone or Webkit browsers.  Note: The BOLT browser is super-fast and loved by BlackBerry Storm users.

Where the BlackBerry Storm2 excels in in the email department because of BlackBerry's enterprise email heritage.  Multimedia also functions well and you can sync with iTunes. The speakers are solid.

The BlackBerry Storm2 sells for $179.99 at Verizon and is part of the Verizon Buy One Get One Free BlackBerry  deal, for which you can also get select other devices free such as a netbook or broadband MiFi. If you don't want to wait for rebates use the Wireless and Mobile News' Verizon online coupon-link to get the rebate instantly with an online purchase.

For BlackBerry Friday, Black Weekend and Cyber Monday 2009, Wirefly is offering the BlackBerry Storm2 for 99 cents on Friday and $9.99 the rest of the weekend with free activation.  Don't forget to get the free 2 GB memory card. Wirefly - Get a Free 2GB Memory Card enter coupon code WIREFLYMEMCARD7 at checkout..  Jamie Lendino at PCMag rated the BlackBerry Storm2 4 out 5 because it feels really finished but the web browsers (which you can replace with BOLT) is unimpressive and the 3.2 megapixel camera is underpowered. The localized haptic touchscreen felt natural and typing was more accurate. The multi-touch was buggy. Voice calls were superb.The bottom edge speaker phone is loud and clear. The web browser renders well but slowly. The photos were is dark and video rendering was superb.

Bonnie Cha at CNET rated the BlackBerry Storm2 3.5 out 5 although the BlackBerry Storm2 provides a better user experience than the BlackBerry Storm First Gen the upcoming Verizon touchscreen competition has better features. The touchscreen and keyboard is more precise.  The screen does lock when not in use.  The Web browser "promises quicker page renderings and speed improvements because of faster JavaScript and CSS processing." It will work as a tethered modem with a Broadband Connect plan.  You can't save apps to the microSD card therefore you have to save them to base memory. The photo quality wasn't too bad and had geotagging. Voice quality was rich and clear. Callers didn't experience great quality. The browser needs work.GPS was weak.

In the CrackBerry Review of the BlackBerry Storm2,
Kevin Michaluk notes that the BlackBerry Storm2 is a much more usable,
better performing smartphone with more bells and whistles. He found the
touchscreen is tighter,  the battery door is not as sharp and the over
all lines are more aethestic. The touchscreen now ahs better
multi-touch capabilities. It has more memory than the BlackBerry Storm
First Gen, and the new 5.0 operating system is a major improvement. 
Performance is snappy.  Speakers sound solid. The browser better. He
suggests that is time to start lining up for the day when the BlackBerry Storm2 goes on sale at Verizon.

Mark Sponauer at Laptop notes that although the BlackBerry Storm2 is better than the first gen, it's not better than the competition.  It fixes the problems witthe first BlackBerry Storm, is more stable, faster, with more memory and Wi-Fi, but... the interface is "too BlackBerry-like" like the Bold or Tour and isn't ideal for a touch interface.  The on-screen touch keyboard was a relative pleasure and natural. Email is stellar. Photos were sharp and video was good. Call quality was good. Verizon customers however should start thinking Android.

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