Droid X Update 1.13.604 - Does Droid X Faster & Better with Kindle Coming Soon

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The Droid X has landed and sold-out online and in many Verizon stores. If you buy the Droid X from Verizon
online it will not ship until July 27.  This super popular well- reviewed Motorola Droid X does have have a few glitches that will be  fixed in a software update, that is coming very soon.

The fixes in the Droid X update 1.13.604 affect the battery charger indicator, camera, weather widgets, ActiveSync, app downloading, contacts, Bluetooth, date/time, GPS, 3G mobile hotspots, and visual vocie mail. The update will although users to take advantage of the enhanced,
preloaded My Verizon application and loads the Amazon Kindle application for Kindle book reading.

According to the Verizon support page, you will be notified that a
system update is available on your Droid X. Press "Install now" and your
Droid  will power off and back on and the installation process will
Note: If you choose "Install later" this will delay
installation and you will be taken back to the home screen. The system
update message will appear every 60 minutes until you install the

If you are roaming, you will not receive a system update
notice. You will need to enable Wi-Fi and wait for the update notice to
appear or, you can manually update by going to "Home" > "Menu" >
"Settings" > "About phone" > "System updates". Press "Install

Droid X  firmware 1.13.604 fixed does the following.

  • Improved battery charging status indicator.
  • Smoother
    transition for camera and camcorder functions.
  • Redesign of
    weather widget icons.
  • Faster Exchange ActiveSync email loading.
  • Streamlined organization of newly downloaded appliations.
  • Organized favorite contacts by call count.
  • Updated Bluetooth
    connection for enhanced video sharing experience.
  • Coordinated
    date and time across phone displays.
  • Cleaner looking status bar
    for GPS symbol.
  • Improved sync capabilities for 3G Mobile
  • Faster Visual Voice Mail loading.

The Verizon support page
shows the details. If it already posted on the Verizon website we
assume it will be coming soon.

DROID X by Motorola Coming July 15th at a Special Wirely Price!

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  1. My Droid X was just updated to 1.13.604 and it started updating without any action on my part. There were several messages on the screen and then it stopped with something like "Restart your phone now" being highlighted. I let it sit for about 15 minutes and it didn't restart automatically so I pushed the camera button. The restart started immediately and then took somewhat longer than normal, maybe 5 minutes. Then I received the popup that 1.13.604 had been successfully installed. It's not the way the update is described above but it seems to be satisfactory.

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