Top Ten Best Free Social Media Apps for iPhone: Review of Reviews


After reviewing all the top best iPhone app reviews, we found the best social media apps on the iPhone.  Wireless and Mobile News researched reviews, ranked them and created this list of the best most useful applications for social media and social networking for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  From fans that just want to stay connected to marketers who want to increase their social media presence, these applications make social media easier.

1. Facebook - with 500 million active users, having a Facebook presence is crucial for every social networker.  The Facebook for iPhone application offers users constant connection to their Facebook account.  Right from the iPhone, users can upload and share photos, send and receive messages, view the latest updates from their friends, get notifications, and even converse over Facebook chat.  The application also allows iPhone users to call or text any friends who list their phone number in their Facebook information.

2. Linkedin - staying connected with your professional network is easy with the Linkedin application for iPhone.  With much of the same features as Linkedin.com, users can use the Linkedin application to invite other users or accept invitations to join a network, update their status, retrieve messages, and view profiles.

3. Foursquare - for avid social networkers, Foursquare is a fun way to stay connected with friends' activities and check in to places you go.  Foursquare allows users to see what places thei r friends frequent and find out their current location right from the iPhone.  Foursquare also allows users to check in from where they are, and those who check in the most can become the "mayor" of their favorite spots, which can even them free prizes like a drink or a free meal.

 4. Skype - for iPhone users who want a cheap and easy way to stay in touch with friends and colleagues from around the world, the Skype iPhone application is the answer. With Skype users can call or send instant messages to other Skype users anywhere around the world for free.  Users can even carry on instant message conversations with multiple Skype users at one time. The application is free, but for a monthly price users can also send text messages and make international calls to landlines.  Skype-to-Skype calls on 3G will be free for a trial period which will run until the end of 2010 when pricing will be announced. Skype-to-Skype calls over WiFi will still remain free

5. Tweetdeck - from the multitude of Twitter applications available for iPhone (including the official "Twitter" application) Tweetdeck is essential for tweeters who want an easy way to manage all their Twitter needs in one place.  Among the features TweetDeck offers are the ability for users to tweet directly from their iPhone, view tweets and notifications in real-time, re-tweet messages, share photos and links, follow or un-follow people, and especially useful for Twitter enthusiasts: manage multiple Twitter accounts at one time.

6. Meebo- for instant messenger users who are tired of having to access all their chat accounts individually, Meebo unites dozens of chat services into one application with an accessible interface that makes it easy for users to navigate between their different accounts. Though Meebo has many similar competitors, it is the best of its kind for a free app.  Among the chat services Meebo supports are Facebook, MySpace, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk.  The app also supports "push notifications," so that IM messages show up just like text messages when push notifications are enabled. The only downside might be that Skype is not supported.

7. WordPress - the WordPress application functions much like using WordPress on a Mac or PC, allowing avid WordPress bloggers to stay connected no matter where they are.  The WordPress application makes it easy to write and edit posts, moderate comments, and upload images and video directly to the blog from any location using the iPhone. Users can manage multiple WordPress pages and save drafts for later.

8. Ustream Live Broadcaster - for iPhone users that want an easy way to share videos and live moments with their friends, family, and even their online social community,  Ustream Live Broadcaster application is a very useful tool. Ustream Live Broadcaster allows users to capture and stream live video and audio to a global audience while saving their video recording on the iPhone.  Ustream Live Broadcaster also allows users to share recorded videos to Ustream, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Users can even notify their Twiiter community through the app when they start broadcasting.

9. Flickr - both social media marketers and regular individuals can benefit from the Flickr application for iPhone.  The Flickr iPhone applications allows iPhone users to capture, upload and share images easily while on the move. Users can upload and categorize photos and video as well view photos and video from the rest of the Flickr community.

10. Tumblr - for users that prefer Tumblr's short-form blogs, there is an iPhone application for Tumblr.  Among its uses, the Tumblr app allows users to write posts, upload photos, video, and links, check their dashboard, and save drafts for later.

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