Palm Pre Camera Has Sophisticated DxO Features


The new Palm Pre smartphone uses the latest imaging correction software from DxO Labs.
DxO is used by photo brands like Cannon and Nikon for image processing
and correction. Although the Palm Pre Camera is only 3.2 megapixels, when you add this advanced technology it should take brilliant beautiful photos.

DxO Labs products correct images at very sophisticated levels. They offer features such as enhanced fields of depth, lighting correction, smart vibrancy and on-the-fly processing. Other features the Palm Pre will most likely have built-in to the camera are image stabilization, real- time video, and shooting without flash in low level light.

The Palm WebOS Blog notes that the "depth of field that was touted by Palm
will provide us with great close-ups and macro shots showing the extra
details of such pictures." The DxO technology of Adaptive Lighting gives a much brighter and better picture in low light conditions.

The DxO  technology should correct any lighting problems from the LED flash.  The Palm Pre photo quality should surpass the iPhone 3G and BlackBerry Storm.

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