Palm Pre Video Shows Single-Handed Operation

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Peter Skillman the Vice President of Design at Palm shows off the the small form factor, big display and  one handed-navigation, of the Palm Pre at CES. The video shows some interesting functions of the Palm Pre. 

The Palm Pre has a vibrate switch and power button. There's easy-access to an external microSD door.

He says that the  Palm Pre offers a world-class typing experience. Palm is the first company ever to deliver a dial pad as part of the QWERTY pad on a smartphone.

He notes that compared to other slider phones the outside of the Palm Pre is clean and the outside of the Palm Pre is stripped down to essentials.

The Touchstone Dock uses micro-suction the same technology in Gecko feet.

It's a little confusing about what he means buy one-handed use, because many time he alternate between the hand holding the phone and the other hand swiping the screen.  We're thinking that one-handed operation will depend on hand size and dexterity.

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