Samsung Galaxy S Update Turn Off: Samsung Captivate Turns Off, Shuts Down in Standby if Made Before 11/06/10

samsungcaptivateturnoffdeathstandby.jpgWhile many Samsung Galaxy S owners are happy when they turn on their gorgeous Super AMOLED touchscreens, they are totally turned off by the fact that they have not received an update to Android 2.2 Froyo.  Some Samsung Captivate owners, however, are experiencing an even worse turn-off.  Their Samsung Captivate phones shut down/power down for no reason at all.  Owners miss phone calls and alarms don't wake them up because the Samsung Captivate turns off by itself.  Some Samsung Captivate owners refer to the problem as "standby death."

This hardware issue of "random shutdown" can not be fixed by a software update.  The remedy is an exchange for a new Samsung Captivate handset.  The shut-down problem only happens to Samsung Captivate phones made before November 6, 2010.  Forum members noted that AT&T did exchange their Samsung Captivate phones for newly manufactured handsets.

When the Samsung Captivate is in standby mode, it powers off and does not work.  This issue surfaced during the summer, forum members all over the web attempted to try quick fixes, such as battery pulls and different charging methods.  Owners may have a Samsung Captivate for a while when the Samsung Captivate mysteriously turns off, shuts down, or powers off when in standby mode.  A friend of our staff bought his Captivate in November and did not experience or notice any problems until last week.
AT&T and Samsung issued an internal bulletin describing the problem as a hardware issue for Samsung Captivate
phones made before November 6, 2010 with IMEI numbers 352982040855394
or lower, such as 5393, 5392, etc.  To locate your phone's IMEI number, see the photo towards the end of this article.  If your Samsung Captivate was made after November 6, you should not experience the turn-off problem.

We were not able to reach AT&T public relations to get an official statement.  Since the Samsung Captivate was launched July 18 on AT&T, all phones affected are eligible for a warranty replacement.  Your best bet is probably to return the Samsung Captivate to an AT&T warranty center and ask for a new one and to have
your software and data transferred.  You should also back up everything
before you do anything to make sure you don't lose data. 

To find your warranty center, click here. 
If you don't have a center near you, AT&T will ship you a new phone. 
Be sure to write down the IMEI number of your phone before you return
it.  If it is within 30 days of purchase, you can exchange it at any
AT&T store for a brand new phone.  Your best bet is to insist on a
new Samsung Captivate phone made after 11/06/10 - and hope that you can get one.

You may want to print out the list of affected IMEI numbers because owners report that some places are reportedly exchanging affected Samsung Captivate phones.

Some owners who have exchanged Samsung Captivate phones
believe they were given refurbished phones made before November 6 because they have
the same shut-down problems.  Other owners who received refurbished
Samsung Captivate phones have no shut-down problems and have better GPS

One forum member wrote "I am bothered by Samsung's recommendation to continue to sell that
inventory, instead of recall it.  However, it is not surprising for a
corporation."  Some stores were selling affected phones in January.

"Even though I bought the phone through Amazon.com, I walked into a DSC
(Device Support Center) location and had them replace it on the spot," reported one owner. 
"They were familiar with the problem and just checked the IMEI on the old
phone and the new phone to verify everything.  I also had a referral
form from the AT&T sales location filled out."

"My recommendation is to call AT&T and advise that repaired phones
will not correct the problem ,and the only fix is a phone manufactured
after 11/6/10."

An XDA Developer Forum member was able to get hold of an internal memo with all the details.  When he contacted AT&T Android support on Decmeber 30, they were "shocked."

ID: myc_spt_iss_wid_sam_189047

Date Published: December 20, 2010
Manufacturer(s): Samsung
Model(s): i897 (Captivate)
Issue Type: Informational

Issue Summary:

AT&T and Samsung are working together on a power-off issue on the
Samsung i897 Captivate.  There is a small group of Samsung i897
devices that may experience power-off when in standby mode. 
All devices manufactured after November 6, 2010 should not have this
issue.  Most customers are not expected to have this issue.  However, the
following IMEI range could potentially have the issue.  AT&T and
Samsung want to ensure that these customers have the best possible experience
and to quickly address customer care inquiries should they arise:


IMEIs manufactured before November 6, 2010: 352982040855394 or lower - 5393, 5392, etc.

If customers report that their device is powering off when in standby mode, please assist them with exchanging their device.

SKU: 65187

Critical Must Know/Must Do

Customer/Embedded Base: If a customer has the power-off issue when in
standby mode, please exchange the device.  Customers with the launch
software version i897UCJF6 are more apt to have the standby power-off
issue.  Meanwhile, customers that have devices manufactured after November
6, 2010 should have software version i897UCJH7, which fixes the Power
Cycling related to SW issues.
Existing Product: All devices that were manufactured before November 6, 2010 have the potential to be affected.
New Product: Devices manufactured after November 6, 2010 should not experience this issue.
Distribution Center: No action necessary.
Channel Instructions.

Company Owned Retail: Continue to sell through existing inventory.  If
a customer has the power-off issue when in standby mode, please exchange
the device.
Dealers: No action necessary.
National Retail: No action necessary.
Direct Fulfillment: Continue to sell through existing inventory.  If a
customer has the power off issue when in standby mode, please exchange
the device.
Customer Returns and Exchanges: Standard under 30-day returns are in effect for this issue.

Distribution Centers: No action necessary.
Channels/Markets: Adhere to Standard Operating Procedures.
Returns Processing Center: Adhere to Standard Returns Processes.
Supply Chain: Please send questions or comments to SCM Product Advisory.

The turn-off problem, however, may not be only for the Samsung Captivate, a Samsung Fascinate owner reported a similar issue.

Samsung Galaxy S smartphones in the U.S.all received excellent reviews, including the Samsung Epic 4G, Samsung Fascinate, Samsung Captivate, Samsung Continuum and Samsung Vibrant.

Many of the Samsung Galaxy S phones were named in Wireless and Mobile News' Review of Reviews Top Ten Best Android an' Droid Phones Now an' Later, as well as the Top Ten Best Smartphones.

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