Samsung Galaxy S Update News/Rumors Reviews: Samsung Vibrant, Captivate, Fascinate & Epic 4G Update ASAP

froyo-android.pngU.S. Samsung Galaxy S phone owners have been waiting for a long time for the update to Android Froyo 2.2.  The last we heard, the update was due in the "near future," back in the distant past in December.

Update 02/23/11:AT&T will release a link to the update to Android 2.2 Froyo for the Samsung Captivate update on 2/24. The Nexus S is getting a minor update to Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread.

Update 02/18/11: Sprint will release an update to Android 2.2 Froyo for the Samsung Epic 4G on 2/22.

Update 01/20/11: The Samsung Vibrant will start getting an update to Android 2.2 tomorrow 1/21

Update 01/19/11: The latest Samsung Galaxy S  update news is that the update to Android 2.2 Froyo is promised

Update 01/16/11: The Android 2.2 Froyo Update will not fix standby shut down problems experienced on Samsung Captivate phones made before 11/06/201, which is a hardware issue (read details).  A Samsung Galaxy S owner wants to file a class action lawsuit and some believe updates have been delayed because the carriers don't want to pay Samsung fees for a feature update.

It looks as if all U.S. Samsung Galaxy S owners will eventually get an update as soon as testing is done.  It will then be pushed out ASAP.

CNET contacted Samsung and received this response:

Samsung Mobile does not comment on rumors or speculation.  With regard
to the Froyo update, we recently issued the following statement:
"Samsung feels it is important to make the Android 2.2/Froyo upgrade
available only after we feel that we can give the millions of U.S.
Galaxy S
owners a simple and reliable upgrade experience.  Due to the
complexity and unique functionality of each Galaxy S device, we are
performing additional testing
and are working to make the Android
2.2/Froyo upgrade available to all U.S. Galaxy S owners, including the
Samsung Vibrant, as soon as possible.

So, there is no date set as to when the update to Android 2.2 will reach all the Samsung Galaxy S smartphones in the U.S., including the Samsung Epic 4G, Samsung Fascinate, Samsung Captivate, Samsung Continuum and Samsung Vibrant.  When they were launched, Samsung reported that the company would update the Android OS to Android 2.2 Froyo. 

The Samsung Fascinate recently received an update with a GPS fix from Verizon on January 13.  U.S. Cellular is now offering a BOGO offer for the Samsung Mesmerize.

There is good news, however, for another Android Samsung smartphone, the Samsung Acclaim, that can be updated to Android 2.2 today, via a connected computer download.

It is not clear if the Samsung Galaxy S phones will be updated to Android 2.3 Gingerbread.  A tweet from India previously indicated that Samsung would update the OS.

The Samsung Galaxy S update to Android 2.2 includes many well-liked features,
including an Adobe Flash compatibility, speed improvements, better
keyboard, Samsung Media Hub, better Microsoft Exchange support, and
the storing of apps on the microSD card (see list of update features).

Many of the Samsung Galaxy S phones were named in Wireless and Mobile News' Review of Reviews Top Ten Best Android an' Droid Phones Now an' Later, as well as the Top Ten Best Smartphones.

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  1. I know for a fact because I confirmed it with 2 different Sprint Tech Support agents that the Froyo update is now available for the Samsung Epic 4G, which if I'm not mistaken makes it the first Galaxy S phone to get the Froyo update. From the Tech Support agents they are not sending it out over the air, but if you go into a store with a repair shop then they will update your phone this is the only method of updating at this point. I think that is huge and should be shared with the world.

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