BlackBerry Storm Danger Warnings: Do's and Don't's

BB_Storm_Verizon180pix.jpgIf the BlackBerry Storm is on your want list, before you buy, it's a good idea to review the BlackBerry Storm Safety Guidelines.  There are all kinds of warnings that most smartphone users do not always remember. Cautions include warnings for disposal, temperatures for storage/use, fire hazards, water/wet avoidance, medical device interference and how to deal with the touchscreen.

BlackBerry Approved Accessories Only
They warn, "use only approved accessories with your BlackBerry."  Sometimes an OEM non-approved device can void your warranty.

Keep BlackBerry Storm Away from  Medical Devices, Liquids and Magnets
You've got to keep your BlackBerry Storm out of storms, extreme weather, away from medical equipment and keep it away from your body...The guide says:

"Maintain the prescribed distance between your device and your body and keep it away from medical devices. The BlackBerry Storm can interfere with medical equipment and electronic devices. Always keep the BlackBerry device more than 7.88 inches (20 cm) from the pacemaker when the BlackBerry device is turned on."

They also reccommend that you do not carry the BlackBerry device in your breast pocket.

blackberrysfatetymanual.jpgFor Pacemaker and Hearing Aid Users:
When using the phone on the BlackBerry
device, use the ear opposite the pacemaker for making and receiving
calls to minimize the potential interference. Some digital wireless
devices may interfere with some hearing aids. In the event of such
interference, consult your wireless service provider or contact the
manufacturer of your hearing aid to discuss alternatives.

Magnets can
mess with BlackBerry also so keep it away form magnets. Liquids and wet hands will cause
problems, too.

The BlackBerry Storm Can't Withstand Extreme Heat or Cold
Do not use or store your
BlackBerry Storm in extreme temperatures - don't leave in the car in
really hot or cold weather. Device operating temperature is 32 to 104°F
while device storage  storage 50 to 86°F which defintely rules out the
car and even some garages.

No Windex on the Storm Window

In regards to cleaning:
Do not use liquid, aerosol cleaners, or solvents on or near the BlackBerry device ordevice accessory. Clean only with a soft dry cloth. Disconnect any cables from the computer and unplug any charging accessories from the electrical outlet before cleaning either theBlackBerry device or the charging accessory.

No BlackBerry Use at Gas Stations, In the Air & in War Zone

Do not use your BlackBerry Storm while refueling, near explosives on in aircraft. The presence of gas fumes, explosive dust situations,
operation of nuclear facilities, aircraft navigation or, communication
services, air traffic control, and life support or weapons systems are
a danger to BlackBerry Storm users.

No Private Photo Invasion

For photographers they suggest, "When taking, processing, or using pictures, obey all laws, regulations, procedures, and policies,including, without limitation, any copyright, personal privacy, trade secret, or security laws which might govern or restrict you while using the BlackBerry device.

Safe Use Guidelines
• Do not place heavy objects on the BlackBerry device.
• Do not attempt to modify or service the BlackBerry device.
• Do not attempt to cover or push objects into openings on the BlackBerry device unless
instructed to do so in the device documentation supplied by Research In Motion.
• Do not use foreign objects on the touchscreen.
• Do not use excessive force on the touchscreen.
• Do not touch the touchscreen if your hands are wet.

Don't BlackBerrry and Drive

Research In Motion (RIM) recommends that you do not use the BlackBerry device while driving. Instead, consider having a passenger in the vehicle use the BlackBerry device for you, or find a safe location to stop your vehicle prior to using the device. Store the BlackBerry device safely before driving your vehicle. Do not use any charging accessory as a means of storing the BlackBerry device while you are in a vehicle. If your vehicle is equipped with an air bag, do not place the BlackBerry device or other objects above the air bag, or in the air bag deployment area. If in-vehicle wireless equipment is improperly stored or installed, andthe air bag inflates, serious injury could result.

When you do decide to get rid of the BlackBerry Storm they perscribe:

  • Do not dispose of BlackBerry Storm in a fire.
  • The BlackBerry device should not be placed in household waste bins. Please check local regulations for rquirements.

For the very curious they don't want you to get into the eye of the storm. They state, "Do not disassemble your BlackBerry Storm."

Those of you in earthquake, hurricance, or fire areas, you may be out of luck due to this advise, "Do not rely on your device for emergency communications."

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