Verizon BlackBerry Storm Wins Speed Tests

BlackBerryStormiPhone.jpgOn your marks, get set, iPhone 3G and BlackBerrry Storm, now browse!

Walter Mossberg at the Wall Street Journal, tested the BlackBerry Storm over 3G in the Silicon Valley and it was faster than the iPhone.  However, on Wi-Fi the iPhone was faster.

Keven Michaluk at CrackBerry tested four ebsites on the iPhone 3G and BlackBerry Storm although the Storm choked on Java it won over the iPhone 3G for loading the websites.

We also saw a test for data transfer for the BlackBerry Bold that was faster than the iPhone.

So far, the tests are unscientific but are showing a faster BlackBerry Storm than iPhone 3G.  Crunchgear is launching their own review and test tomorrow.  We'll keep you posted.

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