Verizon Top Android an' Droid Apps for Video, Audio, Dropping Files and Finance

mintAndroid.PNGVerizon is showing continued support for Android an' Droid smartphones which are very popular.  So popular you may have to week a few weeks before getting your HTC Droid Incredible.

Tomorrow Verizon is expected launch V CAST for Droid
, Droid
, Droid,
, and LG

They often pick and pull Android Apps they think Verizon customers will like.  Here are their most recent picks.

  • Qik Video 2.0 allows customers to record and
    share video with friends and family via their favorite social networks,
    including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Twitter, the official Android app, allows customers
    to tweet; send direct messages; share photos, videos and links; search;
    and more.
  • Mint.com Personal Finance is the top financial
    management app. Customers can view all of their accounts in one place,
    set budgets, track their spending and find personalized savings.

In other realms of Android an' Droid apps they suggest:

  • Mediafly Video + Audio Podcasts offers
    video streams of popular channels, including NBC and ESPN, and gives
    customers a way to organize and discover their podcasts and audio, video
    and radio streams.
  • TuneWiki Social Media Player
    shows subtitled lyrics
    as customers listen to music, watch music videos or stream songs.
  • Dropbox
    allows customers to create a Dropbox folder
    on their Android devices, which they can sync to their computers to
    browse and share files.

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  1. I wouldn't trade in my droid for anything. It is the best phone available out there. You can get all kinds of apps, stream video, get email and all kinds of other things. My favorite app is the mint.com app, the one you mentioned. I can track my finances and my budget right from the phone. I bought my droid online and there are a lot of deals on the internet if you haven't gotten one. I definitely recommend it if you need a new phone!

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