Palm Pre Synergy Demo from Mobile World Congress


In a demo at Mobile World Congress, a Palm rep shows how Synergy in the WebOS works on the Palm Pre to Noah at Phone Dog.

In contacts there are linked contacts form mutiple sources pulled together.  For example,  Sofia has link contacts on Facebook, Google and corporate email all on the same screen. Synergy brings all the information on the same screen from different places. It is automatically created.

In calendar view, the Palm Pre combines the Facebook account, Google account and corporate and corporate email which is color coded.  The calendar can be be filtered for different types of calendar events.  If viewing all calendars, say for a team event, you can see it on the calendar.

Since the Palm Pre is carried in a pocket the screen is compressed,  all free time is compressed into an accordian on the calendar. Tapping on the according expands it for entering events.

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