Palm Pre Compete Numbers Show It Competes with iPhone

According to Compete the Palm Pre is drawing buzz numbers that make it stiff competition for the iPhone.  The numbers look similar to the buzz surrounding previous iPhone launches.

With a weak economy no solid release date, little
advertising, and a crowded smartphone marketplace, the Palm Pre has not faded from consumers' minds since it debuted at CES.

Traffic on just the
informational pages on and since CES suggest that a
lot of people are curious about the Pre, says the Compete Blog.

  • Unique visitors to Palm Pre information pages on the manufacturer and/or
    carrier site(s) alone have been hovering around the 100,000 mark for
    the last seven weeks.
  • Interest in the device around CES (week of January 4th) was high: nearly 400,000 people checked out one or both of these pages.
  • A median of about 1.6x more visitors have visited Palm's site over Sprint's so far for information about the device. This may be in part because the Pre information pages on Palm's site are more robust at the moment, including pictures of the Pre's functions, as well as video.


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