BlackBerry Storm Controls Race Car? Web Surfers Punked by Viral Video


Lewis Hamilton, the British
Formula One driver supposedly  in a YouTube video remotely controls a real  F1 race car  with a BlackBerry Storm. BlackBerry Storm users, Simon and Steve first created a way to control a toy car via the BlackBerry Storm via Bluetooth.

Lewis Hamitlon previously appeared in a video on how much he loved his BlackBerry Storm and used it for viewing photos of his car, not driving it. Lewis Hamilton probably wouldn't want to the BlackBerry Storm to take his job away.

Vodaphone is the sponsor of the McLaren Mercedes F1 team. Supposedly, someone at the race track emailed Simon and Steve and invited Lewis Hamilton, to try the BlackBerry remote control out on a real race car or so they say.  Autoblog questions that a race car company would allow such a test with a multi-million dollar car.

The video looks convincing, watch for yourself.  There is technical glitch that makes it impossible, Bluetooth doesn't travel far enough around a race track.

The first toy demo uses Bluetooth for controlling the car.  Bluetooth signals can't go farther than 10 meters (32 feet.) For the toy car, they are never more than a few fee away from the car.  The toy car control is probably real.  However,  Bluetooth signals would not travel around an entire race track or be able to control a real race car.

So there you go, another Internet hoax via YouTube, many reporters who don't know their Bluetooh from their wisdom tooth, assume because it was in a video it was fact, not fiction. It supposed to be hilarious. Which lead one blogger to ask, "In California isn't it illegal to drive your car with a cell phone?"

It is does help market the race because the video has been viewed over four-hundred- thousand times. You can currently use a BlackBerry Storm to as a garage door opener. and control video cameras. We do not advise you not to try it with your Mercedes or even Toyota Corolla.

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