Android an' Droid Apps 2Day: Gesture Search - Finger Letters

gestureserchgoogle.pngIn a gesture to make searching on touchscreen Android phones easier, Google Labs has launched Gesture Search.

Gesture Search is a Android 2.0 or above app in the U.S.. Gesture Search lets you  find a contact, an installed application, a bookmark or a music
track from hundreds or thousands of items, by  drawing alphabet
gestures on the touch screen.

Say you want to call your friend
Anne. Just open Gesture Search and draw letter “A”, and Gesture Search
returns a list of items that have words starting with “A”. If your
handwriting isn’t all that neat, that’s okay. If the “A” you draw looks
a bit like an “H”, as seen in the bottom left corner of the screenshot,
“H” results will be brought up as well.

You can erase a
query by crossing it horizontally: left to right erases the entire
query, and right to left removes the last letter or space in the query.
Now you can either scroll down the list to find Anne or write more
letters to refine the search.

Gesture Search improves search quality by learning from  search
history, so Anne’s contact info will jump to the top of the list the
next time you write “A”. What do you think does it get an “A” or and “H.”

To download Gesture Search, search for it in Android Market. You can get more information on our Google Labs page.

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