Verizon's Top Best Favorite Android Apps 2Day for Droid and Droid Eris by HTC

opentable-for-android.jpgVerizon Wireless is encouraging Droid by Motorola and Droid Eris by HTC owners to download apps.  The Verizon  buy a Droid or Droid Eris by HTC and get a Droid Eris FREE deal ends Christmas Eve, December 24.

The Droid by Motorola has received excellent reviews. The Droid Eris by HTC has also gotten great reviews.

The apps avalanche is so great, we didn't include any of Verizon's Favsint the  Wireless and Mobile News Top Ten (Plus) Best Coolest Free Android an' Droid Apps Review of Reviews. Here's what Verizon suggests:

  •  If traveling this holiday season, the FlightStats app is a great way to keep track of flights and stay up to date on airport delays. If airport delays leave you restless, try the Bubble Wrap Game to virtually pop away frustrations with an endless supply of bubble wrap.
  • Before hosting a holiday party for family and friends, check out the Favorite Recipes app
    to search through thousands of recipes by ingredients, keywords and
    categories to help plan the perfect meal. If cooking isn't part of the
    plan, use the OpenTable app to make instant dinner reservations at more than 10,000 restaurants.


  • Savvy Shopper: Use the NexTag Mobile app
    to help compare prices on millions of products from thousands of online
    retailers. Search for products by keyword or use the built-in barcode
    scanner to quickly look up prices with the phone's camera. And to be
    sure to avoid buyer's remorse come January, manage bank accounts
    through Mobile Banking by Bank of America designed specifically for mobile phones. Check balances, transfer funds and pay bills.
  • Shipping Around the Corner or Across the Country: Use Mobile Package Tracker
    to track shipments from FedEx Basic, FedEx SmartPost, United States
    Postal Service, DHL, UPS and TNT packages on the phone using the
    tracking numbers.

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  • Table Talk: Holiday bowl games are always an excuse to get together with friends and relatives and customers can use the SportsTap app
    for sports scores, news, pictures from recent games, full team
    schedules, trades and standings. For those needing to distract the
    conversation from a losing team, check out Google Sky Map and
    turn the DROID by Motorola into a window to the night sky. Point the
    phone up to see a map of the brightest stars, constellations, and
    planets in that part of the sky.
  • Fitness Fanatic: Looking for a creative way to stay fit amid all of the holiday temptations? Use the CardioTrainer
    app to keep fitness routines on track. This app comes with a real-time
    pedometer-guided GPS and records path, climb, pace and calories.
  • Play DJ with a Personal Holiday Playlist: Create a station with Pandora Radio app - the music genome selects songs based on voting and preferences.

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