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Feel-GoodiesUnlimited.pngIn this season where people can get frazzled and overloaded with negativity, the Feel-Goodies Android app can be the best Droid app to lighten the load.

These uplifting feel-good messages  are great for down time, or when you are waiting in line or just need a break. Feel-Goodies also make a nice gift to send to your friends, especially while people are making and thinking about their New Year’s resolutions.

The free Feel-Goodies Android app works on all Android phones including the Droid by Motorola and Droid Eris by HTC, Motorola Cliq, an myTouch 3G.

A satisfied user is quoted on the Feel-Goodies website as saying, “The Feel-Goodies
app demonstrates why the word “app” is in h-app-y.” 

Tap through the menu to get compliments that negate the negatives and position
yourself in the positive. This app is not only a game shifter for
mobile apps but an attitude shifter too.

Currently, there is only the free version of Feel-Goodies,
while a paid version with a year’s supply of Feel-Goodies is in works. Feel-Goodies is available on Android Market, just search the word Feel.(Note: you must capitalize the “F” in order for Feel-Goodies to be the first, result.”)

Feel-Goodies will be available in Android Market starting January 1, 2010 for a very happy new year.

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