Palm Pre Twitterer Spied & Reported Release Date and Price Tweeted

april-30twitterJimVan.jpgJim Van at Logicomm Inc, probably thought he was Tweeting his friends and Tweeted a lot about his beta testing of the Palm Pre divulging a April 30 release date and $299 price tag.

Here are his reported Twitter comments.

  • Got Pre to work on Twitter, but it's a tad cludgy...#Palm Pre
  • Sprint claims that 4/30 is a line in the sand, according to my acct mgr there...he's usually right on #Palm Pre
  • UI is
    VERY clean, well thought out, made for fingers. Somebody used their
    brains on the design. Palm's always been cool like that
  • Just used
    browser to remote in and play on our doc server..almost like computing
    w/out kbd...loaded word doc quickly..nice #Palm Pre
  • "BTW - heard frm source (not Sprint) that Pre price tag 2 be $299 with
    2 year it's $100 or so after all the hype wears o

Whoops did he let the world know that something that should have been covered in a non-disclosure agreement?

Well, someone found the Tweets and posted it on the web which was copied and re-reported by at least ten reports.  The Twitter gossip is now blocked and protected.  Since most of the reporting occurred over the weekend Sprint and Palm were not contacted.

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