The Verizon BlackBerry Storm Long Line Report

35987_LaunchDay_Clifton_HR.JPGYesterday, due to a severe server "issue" we were not able to publish.  We had a story ready to publish, that  predicted a shortage for BlackBerry Storms. Word on the street and web, was that Verizon was receiving only small amounts of the touchscreen wonder and that many people who waited in lines may not be getting their hands on the BlackBerry Storm on Friday BlackBerry Storm Friday.

Reuters reported lines as long as 200 in New York (location of the most Google searches for the phone) where there was a "ruckus" and in Washington D.C.  FierceWireless reported, that corporate buyers in line in D.C. were buying several BlackBerry Storms, and leaving the others in line without a "Storm".

A spokeswoman for Verizon Wireless said
that customers who weren't able to get a phone on Friday will be able
to order the phone and have it delivered to their homes within four to
five days. She notes that they have plenty of the the device and shipments were sent to two New York Stores and Paramus NJ.

Verizon news releases reported a lot of line waiting going on.  They
also posted photos.  CNET  noticed that the lines
were no where near iPhone proportions. Although the BlackBerry
Storm has several more features than the iPhone it lacks true

A Verizon news release stated:35987dc2484.jpg

Hundreds of customers lined up outside Verizon Wireless Communications Stores before the sun came up today, some braving chilly
morning temperatures, to be the first to buy the new BlackBerry Storm, available exclusively in the U.S. from Verizon

lines formed outside Communications Stores in cities throughout
Southern California, including Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly
Hills, Irvine, and San Diego. One customer arrived Thursday night at
11:00 p.m. and camped out to be first in line the following day. Other
customers walked up to Verizon Wireless stores with coffee cups in hand
as early as 4:00 a.m.

Another Verizon news release says:

Long lines formed outside Communications Stores up and down the East
Coast and the Midwest, including Toledo, Ohio; Washington, D.C.; New
York; Miami; Tampa, Fla.; and across New England. One customer in
Toledo camped out Thursday at 5:50 a.m. so he could be first to buy a
Storm today.

Okay you line waiters, was it worth the early wait in line?

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