BlackBerry Storm App of the Day: BeamReader

bearmreader.jpgBlackBerry devices come with a PDF reader already installed  on the smartphones. However, in order for a PDF file to be viewed on your BlackBerry it must be read as an attachment and uses network resources to render the images

BeamReader from SLG Mobile is "Native PDF reader" and file manager with lots of handy tools and capabilities. BeamReader is compatible with many BlackBerry models including the BlackBery Storm.

Because the rendering of  PDF files is executed natively on the BlackBerry in BeamReader, if you are out of data range or don't have a data plan, you can still view PDF images.

Say for example you have a PDF book or memo saved on your data card, "You can't view it on your BlackBerry unless you email it to yourself, if you are not using BeamReader" said Evgeny Lebanidze, President and CEO of SLG Mobile.

does not substitute fonts. Therefore the PDF files look exactly like the appear on a computer.

Another added feature of  BeamReader is that the file manager
allows you to create Microsoft Office documents, noted Lebanidze. A
task which can not be accomplished in the standard version of
Documents to Go which comes pre-loaded on most BlackBerry devices.  BeamReader allows users to create new Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Because many BlackBerry
users don't need the full functionality of $69.99 Premium Documents to Go, we
chose BeamReader with its $19.99 price tag (volume discounts available)
as our BlackBerry Storm App of the day for users who need to deal with PDF documents and create Microsoft Office documents.

When BeamReader is downloaded over-the-air, it knows your BlackBerry model and works with the BlackBerry Storm.  Lebanidze told Wireless and Mobile News, BeamReader on the BlackBerry Storm will work with the accelerometer for automatic Landscape and Portrait rotation.

BeamReader has a small memory footprint and will work even on older
BlackBerry models, as long as they are running OS 4.2+. The product
does not require a data plan to use, and will also support customers
using any version of BIS or BES.

There was recenty a security flaw found in the BlackBerry PDF reader.  The BeamReader native approach also alleviates
any customer concerns about the security of allowing third party
servers to perform pre-processing of their documents. BeamReader
supports viewing of documents from e-mail document attachments
(requires OS 4.5), memory card and internal device memory.

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