Recommended Map App for BlackBerry Storm: Google Maps

Screenshot0072blackberrystreetview.pngYesterday, we received an email from one of our dedicated readers who loves his BlackBerry Storm

Because the Storm is so new, he's getting frustrated because the links provided by app suppliers aren't always easy to access on the BlackBerry Storm.

We sent him a jad file link for WeatherBug which was much easier to download OTA.

We asked him from his experience what is his favorite app for the BlackBerry Storm and he emailed back Google Maps. After entering your BlackBerry Storm phone number, it sends a link to your BlackBerry.

Although right now this app is not a Storm specific version there is a BlackBerry version Google Maps mobile for BlackBerrry.

Editors Note: On February 18, 2009 Google released a special version of Google Maps for the BlackBerry Storm that uses the internal GPS information.
The application allows users to determine  current location with or
without GPS.  It provides driving and transit directions. There is also
phone number search for phone numbers and addresses of local businesses.

The Google Maps websites says that they have added street view and walking directions.

For commuters there is real-time traffic information.  As with everything Google it is free.

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