TalkLock Turns Off BlackBerry Storm's Touchscreen & Fixes Touchy Issue


The BlackBerry Storm touchscreen remains active and works even during  phone calls. This can be frustrating for many BlackBerry Storm users, because a touch can activate a function.

"The most common problem with the touchscreen being active, is that a cheek or ear sets off the mute function,"  said Will David, president of CellAvant, developer of BlackBerry enterprise custom applications, "The BlackBerry Storm user continues to talk without knowing that the other person can't hear what they are saying."

Unlike the iPhone which has a sensor to detect when the user puts the iPhone near the ear and disengages the iPhone's touchscreen, the BlackBerry Storm's touchscreen continues to work while the phone is held to the face or ear. CellAvant developed a free application that shuts off the the touchscreen whenever a call is answered and then turns the touchscreen back on when the caller hangs up, called TalkLock.

The application was Beta-launched December 19 and has been downloaded 13,000 times.

"The response has been very positive," commented David, "TalkLock has prevented many BlackBerry Storm users from returning them."

CellAvant's staff searched through forums to get development ideas. They developed TalkLock in weeks, including testing.

The TalkLock utility automatically engages
a few seconds after a call is connected, and intercepts touchscreen actions. This
prevents screen presses from launching programs or invoking functions while talking on the BlackBerry Storm.

allows users to disable the lock and return to normal phone behavior at
any time by swiping a finger across the screen from left to right for entering numbers for voice mail messages or getting through a
voice mail system.

TalkLock features include:

  • Automatically runs after installation, and on each reboot
  • Automatically activates after phone calls are connected
  • Automatically hides when phone calls are completed
  • Manual unlock with "slide to unlock" function
  • Menu item to re-engage lock after unlock
  • Customizeable backround image (uses /home/user/TalkLock-Background.png if it exists under Device Memory)

Editors Note:  Originally when this article was published TalkLock was free. As of August 2009 it now costs $2.99.

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