Use BlackBerry as Garage Door Opener Garage|Shadow from Unify4Life

Unify4Life will be at CES with their latest BlackBerry demo, the ability to use a BlackBerry as a garage door opener. The name of the device is Garage|Shadow and it will be available April 6.

There's a simple little box that you connect to the garage door opener that will cost under $40 dollars.  A code is set on the box and then it has to be paired with Bluetooth on the BlackBerry.

When the Garage|Shadow is sold it will work with all BlackBerry devices including the BlackBerry Storm. The BlackBerry Garage|Shadow software can be programmed so that the door will open whenever the device is within 40 feet of a the garage door during a certain time period, said, founder of Unify4Life, Michael Nykoluk.

Say for instance, you always come home from work at 5:30 pm when you and the BlackBerry are within range of the door, it can be programmed to open.

He also said that Garage|Shadow will work with any Bluetooth device, but it will lack the programming features available on the BlackBerry.

Unify4Life also makes a box that enables BlackBerry devices to become a universal remote for home theater systems, radios and televisions the Unify A|V Solution that sells for $99.

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