Starter Kit Apps for BlackBerry with Wish-List for BlackBerry Storm Version


On Christmas CNET released its BlackBerry Starter Kit which mentions many of the BlackBerry Apps we suggested for the BlackBerry Storm.  These applications don't have BlackBerry Storm-specific versions yet but they are very handy for other types of BlackBerry users.  They are definitely on our "wish-list" for BlackBerry Storm versions soon.

Vlingo - Vlingo is a free application for BlackBerry smartphones that lets you search the web, compose
an email or SMS, make a call, take note to yourself, create a task or memos and more, all by
using your voice.  The Vlingo 2.0 for BlackBerry application added the ability to speak Facebook and Twitter status updates, support for 10 new applications, full?text message read?back, "tell?a?friend" and SureType support. It has been used on BlackBerry Bold even though it not officially supported, when a BlackBerry Storm version comes they will rejoice.

Erin Kelerher, spokeswoman for Vlingo told us that BlackBerry Bold support of Vlingo is expected in early Q1, 2009. A BlackBerry Storm version is also expected for some point in Q1 2009.

The video demonstration made earlier this year of Vlingo is impressive:

Opera Mini - this mobile browser according to Opera's figures is growing very quickly for BlackBerry users
proving how good it is.  There is not a BlackBerry Storm version yet but
it supports many other BlackBerry devices including the BlackBerry Bold.

Wikipedia for BlackBerryis a front-end for wikipedia - allows easy searching from the BlackBerry homescreen.

CNET also reccomends Viigo, Google Maps, Documents to Go Premium, PageOne Productivity, Facebook, TwitterBerry, WorldMate Live, Zagat and VOIP applications which may not be cost effective with a BlackBerry Storm because it does not use Wi-Fi.

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