Fun BlackBerry Storm Tiltly Marble Game: Marble Trap

Nickel Buddy is offering a fun tilting marble game that uses the BlackBerry Storm's accelerometer, Marble Trap.  Players roll their marble through a maze and try to avoid the traps.

Marble Trap claims to be  a game of logic. To play the game, you will move the
marble up, down, left or right, and the marble rolls until it hits something or rolls off
the board. This game is a test of your thinking skills, not your reaction speed. In other words, "Easy to play, hard to solve"

The trial version is free and the full version costs $9.95. Marble trap works with BlackBerry with OS 4.2 or newer (81xx, 83xx, 88xx, 89xx, 90xx, Pearl, Curve, Bold, Storm)

Here's a video of the game, about half way through is a demo of it on the BlackBerry Storm.

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