Palm Pre is a Winner, Says Fox News

Today, Paul Wagenseil at Fox News shows his glowing opinion of the Palm Pre. He calls it a 0_63_palm_pre_horz.jpg"Winner,' and an iPhone challenger. He found his "next smartphone."

He says it takes what good stuff from the iPhone and then adds what is missing such as a keyboard, MMS and multitasking.  He calls the Palm Pre heavy and "It looks like one of those heated sauna rocks that get put on beautiful women's backs in ads for upscale hotels,' until it become alive with a colorful screen.

He points out the the camera has a feature that it automatically adjusts to the light. He points out that Palm calls the Pre's killer feature synergy, "Synergy, an all-encompassing
"cloud"-based aggregator that gathers together all your e-mail,
calendar schedules and searches from different sources into single

He concludes, "Palm's future once again looks as bright as the Palm Pre's screen."

Currently, Sprint is training employees on the Palm Pre.  No release date has been officially set yet.

The latest Palm Pre rumor comes from this comment on the web.

The Palm Pre is going to be released the same day as the Survivor two hour final (a Sunday). The Palm PRe
will be in a episode the Thursday episode prior to the Sunday two hour
show and then will be promoted hard the next three days for the Sunday
release. The final episode is sometime in May.The last Thursday episode is May 14..and sunday episode is May 17th.

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  1. I don't mind him gushing, but he at least should wait until it comes out.
    Like the Storm, it might not work in the real world.

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