Verizon BlackBerry Storm Watch: Update Software First


It has been suggested that the BlackBerry Storm units were shipped without the latest software upgrade when it was first launched in November. If you are buying a BlackBerry Storm it makes sense to check for updates.  BlackBerry forums also advise users to check the page often for ongoing, innovative software developments designed to enhance features and functions of the BlackBerry Storm.

BlackBerry Storm operating system can be easily updated.  There are different versions of the updates, be sure that you are getting the update version you want.

First go to  BlackBerry Storm update page (from your BlackBerry) and follow these directions:

Step 1
Click the "Check for Updates" button.

Step 2
When prompted, select "Run" to install the drivers.

 Step 3
When prompted, select "Run" to start the update process.

Until the update is complete, you will not be able to use your
BlackBerry smartphone. Should you unplug or cancel the update process
before completion, your smartphone may be unusable and you may need to
restart the update process to regain use of your device.

EDITORS NOTE:  This article was written before Verizon released their update.  We wrote an article that explains all the different ways to update the BlackBerry Storm on December 7, 2009.  Check back at our BlackBerry Storm Watch page to see about the latest leaked updates.

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