Another BlackBerry Storm OS Update Upgrade Leaked

bbstormos_012209_02.jpgA new beta OS for RIM's BlackBerry Storm, version has been leaked giving users a full QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode.

Users of this BlackBerry Storm firmware update upgrade noticed:

  • An increase in overall stability.
  • Some visual
    enhancements, "including the older-look application folder and fonts
    that are slightly larger."
  • The screen light will no longer
    activate when you bump it while it's locked, saving battery life.
  • The charging issue in which people would charge overnight but not see progress in the morning has been resolved.
  • A higher battery drain reported by a few users.

Camera issues also have been reported in the forum.There has been no word if it
helps with multimedia "issues" and crashes during music player

"Easily the best OS I've installed on this phone. I have yet to find a
flaw and the phone runs fast, smooth and reliable. I've had the common
issues with other OS's but not this one. This works great. Thanks for
the leak," wrote one forum member.

Another user after installing the update and experiencing many
crashes downgraded back to .75 version. While a different user, wrote "This is the worst update yet. I haven't seen a single improvement. The only thing I've seen is new issues."

As with all leaked software updates, if you attempt it "at your own risk," like this one leaked at Crackberry. It can void your warranty with your carrier and cause headaches.

What happened previously with the last BlackBerry Storm
update, the upgrade was circulated online, then appeared on the
BlackBerry update page from RIM and then was sent OTA (Over-the-Air)
from Verizon.

When you wait for the official update, usually most of the bugs will be fixed by then.

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