BlackBerry Storm Voices/Rants Are Being Heard

BlackBerry_Stormlittle.jpgSuzanne Choney at MSNBC wrote an article this morning reporting on all the BlackBerry Storm problems people are having.  What we reported here, recently.  The BlackBerry Storm is not shipping from Verizon until December 15 and well there are bugs in the BlackBerry Storm operating system.

“Having used many other Research In Motion devices, I can’t remember a
device being released with so many bugs,” said Allen Nogee, In-Stat
Research’s principal analyst for wireless technology and

“This is the fastest-selling device we’ve had to date,” said Nancy Starker, a Verizon Wireless spokeswoman.

referred questions about the phone’s performance to RIM, but did say,
“As with any phone, there are constant tweaks that are made and pushed
to the phone” via the carrier’s wireless network

At least Verizon is finally admitting there is a problem.  RIM’s
outlook for profits has been lowered even though, they call sales of the Storm

David Pogue in the New York Times ran a list of complaints about the BlackBerry Storm from his readers. He notes “Mac fans make up the world’s most watchful, most hostile grass-roots lobbying arm. There’s an even nastier one: the BlackBerry nuts.”

There is some really good news about the BlackBerry Storm, a company called CES911 has done extensive testing of the BlackBerry Storm screen. Brian Levy took a big knife and couldn’t scratch the screen.  The pointed receipt holder didn’t scratch it. Keys didn’t hurt it either. To see how it worked you can view the video below.

Therefore if you try take out your frustration on your BlackBerry Storm with any kind of sharp object, you will still have a scratchless beautiful touchscreen.

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