BlackBerry Storm Update Clarifications, Support and Suggestions

blackberrythunderstorm.jpgWe will be the first to admit the BlackBerry Storm update issue is confusing. When we contacted the RIM pr spokesperson, she emailed that the BlackBerry Storm update site had only version, when it does in fact have the option of installing  Whom should we trust?

First let's look at some information we found. When we looked in the BlackBerry Storm forum we saw this comment of this disgruntled user:

oh my god..... I spent 45 mins doing the freaking upgrade just to
discover that the main OS was NOT upgraded but something else instead.
And I lost all the settings..... this is really a big piece of junk.

The whole BlackBerry Storm update story is like solving an Agatha Christie mystery, because RIM's PR company is not allowing interviews with the press. Yesterday, even my techno-savvy brain got confused because in forums questions are not directly answered.  I emailed RIM PR this morning and asked for an interview with a product manager and got that incorrect answer in email, we posted earlier.

Then in the BlackBerry Storm Forum  this posted at 6:25 PM today.



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12-03-2008 06:25 PM

I went to the first posting on this thread and clicked the update
link.  Plugged in my USB cable and connected my device.  Then clicked
updates and after the pin came up and I synced the unit, it showed
both .0.65 and .0.75 as options.  Selected the second and went on from

Just ---updated. Took 15 minutes.  Still doesn't deal with the constant
rebooting issue after the screen goes into battery saver mode, for
those of us with this issue.

mellison - thanks.  however, just to let you know, those links have
been around since yesterday (or Monday), and is still not "official". 
I believe the official release version will be enabled to be downloaded

The BlackBerry Storm update is not supposed work with Vodafone version but this post says it does:

 I got it from Blackberry, http://www.blackberry.com/upgrades

 OK! Not sure I should have done it but it seems to work.

 Andrew,London, Vodafone

And a user at the CrackBerry leaked forum wrote:
"I got my storm today but need some help. Where did you get the link to
the "new" .75? I know it's not official but not the leaked either. I am
so confused there is so much here now. I thought I had it saved and
tried to search. Any help appreciated".

Here's what we were able to put together from reading the endless lines of forums.

If you use the update from the BlackBerry Storm update page and install their software, you have to select the newer version.  It appears, you have to check the box in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager to install  (Current) for version 4.7.075.


To view the image larger click on it. 

That is what Mellison did. 

In the BlackBerry Fourm someone else wrote that she called Verizon and was told that the update would be available December 8. (UPDATED Friday December 5:  There is now a Verizon release available for BlackBerry Desktop, an Over-the-Air update will be pushed at 9:30 PM PST.)

Another BlackBerry Stormer noted in the CrackBerry Forum:

"This sh@t is getting out of hand...... Verizon/RIM Smarten UP and release the dam upgrade already."

Now let's read a fairy tale. 

"Once upon a time technologiy companies offered live technical support over the telephone from Americans who spoke American English.  There was company called WordPerfect where friendly Mormons in Utah, helped customers fix glitches and learn their software. Software companies admitted mistakes and gave out patches quickly. But my little mobiliscious BlackBerry-eyed children," commented Mother Goose., "That was a long time ago and a fairy tale. Now you are forced to read web rumors and try to interpret mixed opinions in forums."

To sort out this mess took a couple of hours of our time. Please show your appreciation by linking to us and supporting our advertisers.

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