BlackBerry Storm Return Rumor Refuted by Verizon

blackberrythunderstorm.jpgLate last night, we reported that a Silicon Alley peeper  was reporting huge return rates of the Verizon BlackBerry Storm. His allegations stemmed from Boy Genius' information and a new Verizon return policy.

Today, Boy Genius says that three sources had told him that Storm return rates were as high as 30-50% and that, "We let a publication quote us on that, because that is what we had
heard. No harm, no foul.  But we weren't going to post on it here until
we had 100% confirmed it."

Verizon gave him this official rebuttal,

 "The Storm has the lowest return rate of any of our PDAs and at this
point in its life cycle, it has the lowest return rate of any PDA we
currently sell."

Boys will be boys. Hearsay isn't worth the paper it is written on. However, the BlackBerry Storm  continues to weather the media storm and is still in high demand.  We think reporters like kicking sand in the eyes of the most popular surfer on the beach.  David Pogue lambasted the BlackBerry Storm, also.

We noted previously that reviewers at first were thrilled by the BlackBerry Storm and then changed their tune to iTunes and the iPhone.
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