Verizon BlackBerry Storm Update Offically Launched - Released Today with OTA Tonight

blackberrythunderstorm.jpgVerizon has started offering the firmware update for BlackBerry Storm from the Desktop Manager, check the Verizon website for details.  The Verizon website notes:  Approximate Device Software Update Time is 25 - 30 minutes (including device reset at the end of the process.)  The update also been reported that it available from the web.

The over-the-air update is expected to start at 9:30 pm PST tonight. If you have never experienced an OTA update read this special article on how OTA also known as FOTA (Firmware Over the Air) works.

Before you do anything please be sure to read directions first and backup your data so that you don't loose anything.

Earlier we reported BlackBerry Storm forum members misunderstood what version of the update they were installed and lost their data.  We have a pertinent screenshot in the update suggestions article that shows how get the latest update from the BlackBerry Storm update page.

Please note doesn't solve all the BlackBerry Storm's bugs but helps with most of them.  We reported that the next version will be even better.

Editor's Note May 1, 2009: 
We were hoping that the latest OTA BlackBerry Storm Update would be today May Day, but we haven't had verification, the latest rumor is for May 11.  The amount of changes and bug fixes in the update are amazing. Most believe it will be version which includes all the improvements of the BlackBerry Storm Update good news is that because the update is official, ou can actually call Verizon to get help and or go into a Verizon store.  Instead of trying to solve puzzles in forums.

The bad news is that Verizon support lines may be very busy.


After clicking around on Verizon's website we found out exactly what the BlackBerry Storm update fixes, and it looks pretty good.

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