Rhapsody Separates from Real/Viacom Pack - Rhapsody Android App

RhapsodyAndroid.JPGDigitial music service Rhapsody has separted from Real Networks and Viacom to become Rhapsody International. 

The new Rhapsodiy service will be cheaper, costing $10 a month (formerly $15.00) and be unlimited.

Rhapsody will offer a
new Rhapsody Android app with access
to its complete catalog of 9.5 million tracks. It will also offer multitasking capabilities, subscribers can play music in the background
while interacting with other applications, which they can't do with the iPhone app. Rhapsody for Android Beta is currently available in the Android App Store.

Real Networks is not forgetting the mobile space RealPlayer SP  is being touted as way to get video on the iPad and to sync media on multiple mobile devices.

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