BlackBerry Storm Free Download of the Day: Google Maps GPS for BlackBerry Storm

google_maps_blackberry_storm.jpgGoogle is now offering a GPS version of Google Maps for  BackBerry Storm.  It's a brand new version of Google Maps for mobile
that uses the Storm's internal GPS.

We named it the "BlackBerry Storm Free App of the Day" because Storm users have already told us that they liked the previous version of Google Maps for BlackBerry.

The Blackberry Storm is the first Verizon
BlackBerry that makes it possible for My Location to access the GPS
location. After you install the new version on your BlackBerry Storm, you should
notice improved accuracy for My Location and Latitude.

The Google Mobile Blog notes that based on
interest in certain Google Mobile User Forum threads, this functionality should be a welcome addition.

If you have a Verizon BlackBerry Storm, go to from your BlackBerry's browser to download the latest version of Google Maps to your device to get hyper-accurate.
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