Palm Pre News: Review Units, Touchy Touchstone Price, Limited #, Apps Appear, Launch Date?

0_63_palm_pre_horz.jpgThe secrecy surrounding the Palm Pre's launch gives rise to bloggers and journalists scouring forums and blog posts for any kind of Palm Pre news possible. 

This evening Tech Crunch reported that those regular folks or "Real Reviewers" that Palm Pre recruited to review, Tweet and blog about the Palm Pre will be sent their Palm Pre units this week.  Therefore there will be lots of sightings, Tweets and opinions flying about the social networking cloud.

The latest from a Best Buy employee is that a stock manifest shows the Palm Pre Touchstone cordless charging device will sell for $69.99. The price lead bloggers to comment how expensive the price is.

From a Sprint lunch launch it was extrapolated that the Palm Pre will be available on June 7.  Bonnie Cha at CNET thinks it's a bad idea to launch the Palm Pre, a day before Apple's World Wide Development conference when it most likely the next version of the iPhone will be launched.

According to a Bloomberg article Palm may be intentionally capping the initial production of the Palm Pre at around 375,000 units. A sellout may cause a big buzz. 1million iPhone 3G units were sold in the first 3 days of launch last year in July.

Centrl a a location-based mobile social networking that enables users to easily connect with their friends with free
communication between users (no text or SMS fees) with 
money-saving offers and coupons will release a Palm Pre and BlackBerry app in the future notes their latest news release announcing their new iPhone version and an Android app.

Tom Krazit wonders on CNET if the Palm Pre can out-multitaks the iPhone and wrote, "WebOS delivers two important improvements that the iPhone can't yet
match: true multitasking between applications, and a subtle
notifications system that doesn't interrupt your train of thought."

The Palm Pre's applications are lightweight and less-resource intensive than iPhone applications.  He reports that the development of WebOS apps are easier for developer
but since it is based ont WebKit it may limit gaming capabilities.

An annonymous reviewer on EverythingPre reported " there is no noticeable slowdown with more
applications open. Everything performs very well. Contextual cards like
video and websites slow down transition performance in the card menu
when you turn the phone, but that's about it.
The web browser is nice."

In regards to the launch date, Palm announced that the Palm Pre will come out the first half of 2009, time is running out...

Wired's Ryan Signel wrote that Sprint will blow the launch of the Palm Pre.

But right now in regards to what will happen with the Palm Pre we sing, "The answer my friend is blowing in the wind...the answer is blowing in the wind..."

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