Today's Punniest BlackBerry Storm Must-Haves?

If you are one the few that are lucky enough to get a hold of a BlackBerry Storm because of delays and shortages, what then will make this special gift even more special?

Instead of traditional gift wrapping, we think it would be really heart warming to include a hearth with a fire burning showing your love. The number one top theme from BPlay is a flaming burning fireplace. So warm and cozy:

For the best songs to play when you give this BlackBerry Storm, to your loved one, we suggest, loading "Let it Show" on the MP3 plays and sing along,

"At the fireplace hold me tight. How I hate going out in the Storm. But if you really hold me tight all the way home, I'll be warm."

Or maybe that other classic:

"I don't want to set the world on fire, I only want to start a flame in your heart."

BPlay also has another holiday snowy, theme the snow globe:

Please remember that you shouldn't use your BlackBerry Storm in a storm, water can damage it and lighting can cause problems.

What holiday song do you think should go with the snow globe theme?

The themes are sold at BPlay the fireplace theme sells for $5.99 and the snow globe is $1.99.

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