Latest BlackBerry Storm Update Coming from Verizon


OS version is reportedly to be the next official firmware update for the BlackBerry Storm from Verizon.
It will definitely enhance users' experiences with better speed, more
language support and more features for the BlackBerry Storm.

Here are the latest improvements to the BlackBerry Storm operations system update:

  • A full-QWERTY keyboard will be available in portrait mode.
  • Rotation speed while viewing contacts has been improved and pre-loaded games are more stable.
  • Version of the Storm OS reduces waiting time before MP3 files start playing.
  • There
    will be an enhanced system to ensure that OTA updates continue if the
    media card is removed and OTA via an internal media card.
  • Languages
    support for Arabic languages, and full support for English, French,
    Italian, German, and Spanish in the East Asia language pack, as well as
    rendering support for Indonesian Bahasa, Simplified Chinese,
    Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • They added a "Go" button next to the address and search fields in the browser and for search. application. 
  • Improved capability in auto off/on functionality for connecting to wireless networks when turning back on.
  • A Phone icon was added to the home screen.
  • Volume consistency across applications and calls has been improved.
  • The Calendar application when selecting "go to date,"  is faster.
  • Streaming video content is now supported when the URLs are longer than 512 characters.

But wait--- there are more improvements in the firmware update for the BlackBerry Storm, take a look at all the bugs they fixed. To see them all "continue reading."

Note: this update is available on some websites, we do not recommend you try this at home unless you now what you are doing.  More than likely Verzion will offer an over-the-air OTA update soon.

Update on Update May 29: It's official version will be available on Sunday May 31.

Here’s a list of the bugs that have been removed. This update removes more bugs than a can of Raid.

  1. Mute and End buttons would work incorrectly while using an A2DP headset on a call.
  2. Display to briefly showed small, multi-colored dots across the entire screen.
  3. White bar to displayed on the screen bug.
  4. Ringtones played even when phone is set to vibrate.
  5. Pictures taken in landscape mode and sent would show in portrait.
  6. Notifications didn’t showfor incoming text messages.
  7. Call timer to intermittently showed incorrectly.
  8. Error and possibly display issues when more than 40 items are present in the call log.
  9. Rare bug where multitap keypad could behave like SureType keypad.
  10. Music artist is deleted from the phone, the artist’s tracks could still show.
  11. Bug preventing renaming of file extensions on music playlists.
  12. Choppy audio playback on downloaded WMA files.
  13. Rare bug where phone could reset while recording a video for MMS attachment.
  14. Pausing a video recording.
  15. Backlight timinged out while playing streamed video content.
  16. Device lock while typing.
  17. Camera problems and pictures appearing in wrong resolution
  18. EV-DO bug.
  19. .odf files stored on media cards played correctly.
  20. Bug that could inform the user they don’t have rights to play music when the message is not necessary.
  21. Popping noises in downloaded songs.
  22. Bugs preventing creation and opening of playlists in some circumstances.
  23. Bug that could prevent access to the Music Library from the Options menu in the media player.
  24. Bug prevented correct display of streaming video content sent in a text message.
  25. Bugs preventing preview of songs when using V CAST Rhapsody.
  26. Bugs preventing playback of video recorded on the phone.
  27. Improvements to prevent intermittent error messages displayed in the media player.
  28. Sped up display of pictures.
  29. Bbug causing Incoming Call screen to not show when user is in some applications.
  30. Bug that could prevent LED indicator from turning on when device is charged.
  31. Bug causing Enterprise Activation screen to show after activation is complete.

And we didn’t include them all….

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  1. Please oh please did they with this update give us the option to be able to type text msgs and emails without having to click the whole screen? That is its biggest downfall in my opinion, one that can never ever ever be as fast as typing with either a full touch sensitive keyboard without clicking or a regular button keyboard. It is physically impossible for a one whole screen clicker to be as fast as those mentioned above because of the fact that you have to wait for the up click before typing your next letter which is not true of any regular physical keyboard or any of the other touch keyboards like the iPhone or LGs, etc, so that alone handicaps the Storm seriously for txting and emailing.

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