Palm Pre News: Best Buy Teaser, Contest, Price, Wins Poll Over iPhone and Release Date?

palm_prebestbuy.jpgThe Palm Pre rumor, news and media machine keeps putting out more information for the Palm Pre information hungry. Best Buy shows it on its website, you can win one from Sprint, the price is estimated, there's a Palm Pre Invasion in Britain and there will be at some point be a release of the release date.

The Palm Pre has shown up at the Best Buy website with a teaser ad with specs but no release date or price.

WinPalmPre.jpgWin a Palm Pre with Touchstone and Service from Sprint
While your waiting for more news, you can enter to win a Palm Pre online in the "Live In Real Time Palm Pre Giveaway Sweepstakes".  You must enter by May 18 and be a U.S. Citizen over 18. Sprint is giving away a Palm Pre with one year of Simply Everything service and a Palm Touchstone. Contest entrants will be informed when the Palm Pre hits the streets. The drawing occurs around May 26.

Pricey Palm Pre Price
When you read the rules it shows $1,800  as the value of the prize.  Calculate $1,188 for one year of  Simply
Everything, then the Palm Pre with its Touchstone have a retail value of $612. Others have hit to their calculators to suggest the value of the Palm Pre to be $542.01.

Brits Love the Palm Pre Overwhelmingly
pre-piechart-143x143.jpgPeople in Britain are also going gaga over the Palm Pre . The Industry Standard point out the top five selling points for the Palm Pre are the wireless charger, fit/feel, multitasking, Adobe Flash and a real camera. In an online poll by the Mirror it looks like close to 80% chose the Palm Pre over the iPhone from their pie chart which they call a landslide.
Release of Release Date, Dates
The latest conjecture is that Palm will release the price and release
date of the Palm Pre on May 17th, which was formerly guessed to be the
release date.  Sunday, May 17th was also rumored to be the day that the
Palm Pre will show up on the final episode of Survivor. Other tipsters
believe that the release date will be announced in the Wall Street
Journal on May 19.

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