Reporters Buy McCain Campaign BlackBerry Devices at Sale Get More than They Bargained For

photo_servlet.jpgFox TV in Washington D.C. reporters Tisha Thompson and Rick Yarborough thought it would be fun to go a McCain Headquarters liquidation sale, yesterday.  There were all kinds of tech goodies for sale including laptop computers and BlackBerry devices with dead batteries without chargers. 

The laptops could not be accessed without a password and the reporters were assured that the hard drives would be wiped clean.
The best deal was for two BlackBerry devices at $20 a piece. They
bought them and charged them up finding all kinds of interesting
information. One BlackBerry had its contacts and emails from September
until after the election, intact.

It was owned by a staffer who
worked for "Citizens for McCain," a group of democrats who  supported
Mc Cain.  A majority of the numbers were for private cell phones for
campaign leaders, politicians, lobbyists and journalists.

reporters called a few of the private numbers and were told that it was
a mistake and the contact were supposed to erased.

Then they called the McCain-Palin campaign, who said, "it was an unfortunate
staff error and procedures are being put in place to ensure all
information is secure."

Today, they found on the other BlackBerry more information and photos from the Republican Convention. It had contacts and emails including the phone number for former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore.

FOX 5 called Gilmore on his cell phone.

makes me quite uncomfortable," he said, because, "it's a matter of
principle.  I gave that information to McCain headquarters and to have
it sold is bothersome."

Comment from Wireless and Mobile News:

Gee that's a great deal on a working BlackBerry. Forget about the data most of readers would love not to have pay $200 and be in servitude to a two-year contract.

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  1. This is stupid. I thought it was common knowledge with phones and the like to wipe them first.

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