BlackBerry Storm Free App of Day: WHERE Location Location Location


"Oh Romeo, oh Rome wherefore art thou?" Juliet tweeted.

"Methinks thou must check WHERE on thy BlackBerry Storm dear Juliet," Romeo tweeted back.

WHERE has just launched its app for BlackBerry Storm, two fair maidens Lacy and Chrystie show you how to use it in a video that follows. We named it the BlackBerry Storm App of the Day because it does help users find things they need.

WHERE is a location-based mobile application which provides information about places around you. WHERE on the BlackBerry Storm
comes  with GasBuddy, Starbucks, weather, news and Traffic. It also has widgets for, events, Yelp(with restaurant reviews), Yellow Pages, movie times, news,and WHERE wall(a forum.)

WHERE is available for download by browsing Where.com on your BlackBerry Storm or at Built for BlackBerry.

WHERE can get your location from the GPS on your BlackBerry Storm or may be set by the user.There's a "My Stuff Folder" for notes. You can type in portrait or landscape modes. There is also a BlackBerry Haiku Contest, where you can win a BlackBerry.

The spokesmodels who use interesting a lot, say, ""WHERE will make your world easier to navigate."

WHERE definitely you give the wherewithall to find restaurants, movies, gas stations and friends.

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