BlackBerry Storm Free Themes of the Day: BlackLight Themes

If you don't like the "theme" or the the look of your BlackBerry Storm, there are a designers at BlackLight Themes who have designed themes and let you download them for free. You can browse through the forum for themes that you like. There are themes in many styles and looks.  Types of themes include nature, sports, and abstract.

Tranquility has purplish soft colors throughout and these features:


-Dock and Banner Overlay will let any wallpaper show through;
-Precision Style icons match your 3rd party apps like Viigo, Google Maps, Facebook etc;
-Dock icons bounce when touched;
-Almost every part of the theme skinned;
-Only the areas known to be buggy in this beta of Plazmic are left unskinned;
-Hidden Today Area shows up to 6 items when their icons are 'touched'
(calendar, messages, sms, call log - must be in your dock to work).

There is an area for requesting themes, if you want to give it a try, see what the theme artists create.


Someone in the Canadian Navy designed the a futurist theme called Futurist with these attributes:

-Designed to look like a futuristic display like in a spaceship etc.
-Hidden Today items show up in the box when you touch the icons.
-Today icons are hard coded (calendar, Messages, Call Log, and Profiles) Messages and SMS are combined.
-The dock at the top is customizable (your top row of 4 in apps)
-Today Items (side dock) spring in from the left when touched, and the dock icons at the
top bounce when touched.
-Apps screen focus is a small blue triangle that points up to the icon.

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