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If you haven't checked the news about the Palm Pre from Sprint for one day, you've missed a lot.  Yesterday, we were excited about our editor attending a Palm Pre pre-launch event and today there's even more Palm Pre news. Palm Pre users can Tweet, Verizon Wireless will sell the Palm Pre and a first look is good but not quite iPhoney. The Palm Pre syncs with iTunes and the spokesmodel for the Palm Pre Roger McNamme put his foot in his mouth again with outrageous Palm Pre claims. Continue reading to hear the sonorous ringtone for the Palm Pre and see McNamee in action.

will not have to fret, Palm's developer community manager Chuq Von Rospach, says there
are over 400 applications from developers interested in developing a
Twitter client for webOS for the Palm Pre.

Reuters reported that during a conference call Verizon's Lowell McAdam, said that there will be Palm Pre and BlackBerry Storm 2 coming to the Verizon network.  In the meantime, it has been confirmed that Sprint has a Palm Pre exclusive throughout 2009.

Boy Genius Reports claims to have one of the first hands-on with the Palm Pre. Although it feels good in hand, typing on the QWERTY keyboard can be difficult with fingers touching other keys by mistake. The screen is great and touch beautiful. He rates it not quite iPhone, but better than the G1.

The Palm Pre will sync with iTunes. The Amazon's MP3 shopping app for the Pre,  will wait until the Pre is connected to  Wi-Fi and will not download via Sprint's 3G now network.

AT&T's CEO Randall Stephenson said the AT&T would like to offer the Palm Pre.

Mossberg asked McNamee about his claim that all iPhone
owners with expiring
contracts will switch to the Pre with the question " At what time will
that happen?" McNamee's answer "4:25 PM."

The demo illustrated that
when a user plugs a Palm Pre into a PC and they are offered the option of
using the
device as a USB drive, charging it or beginning a "media sync." The
Palm Pre media sync feature works with iPhoto and syncs photos to the

McNamee also claimed that the Palm Pre is better than Viagra.

a demo of the Palm Pre with Fandango, the app will automatically put
the movie time into the Palm Pre calendar. The Palm Pre has remote wipe. The universal search feature
revealed a Twitter about the D7 conference where the interview put Steve Wozniak to sleep, but then he may have been out all night dancing the Rumba.

The highly hyped announcements appear to be that the media manager can download music directly
from Apple's iTunes. Another new deal is that there will be an App Store, that
will distribute software for the Pre like the iPhone App store.

D7 Palm Pre News & Humor
At the D7 conference,
today, they ran  the above humorous video of Roger McNamee who over-touted the
virtues of the Palm Pre.  It looks like he cleaned up his act, with a
shorter less hippie hairdo, but he does open his mouth a bit too wide.
Even Jon Rubinstein can't shut up McNamee's obsequious love of the Palm

  • The Palm Pre responds to your email before you get it.
  • The Palm Pre comes with a million followers on Twitter.
  • The Palm Pre qualifies you for a bailout.
  • The Palm Pre will cause you to loose thirty pounds.
  • The Palm Pre gives the abs you always wanted.
  • The Palm Pre changes diapers.
  • The Palm Pre uses alien technology.
  • The Palm Pre can cure Rickets.
  • The Palm Pre is a family heirloom
  • The Palm Pre will get you on the fourth round of Dancing with the Stars.
  • The Palm Pre can take your boss who's cranky and make him the nicest guy you ever met.
  • The final words from McNamee, "It eats iPhones for Breakfast."

Palm Pre Ringing Music to Your Ears
Palm hired Roger Bourland to compose rings for the Palm Pre, it
has a pretty catchy tune that actually sounds like bells ringing. Pre
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