Palm Pre News Pre-Launch: Week In Review & New Details


Last week, was a very busy news week for the Palm Pre. We are now one week away from launch and all sorts of details and opinions are leaking out about the Palm Pre.

Sprint will be ready for the Palm Pre crowds, they have set up war rooms and hired employees to deal with the deluge.

Our editor will be attending a Palm Pre pre-launch event on this Wednesday, stay tuned to details late that evening.

Since Thursday, the main Palm Pre stories to break are that units
have been shipped to stores and Boy Genius has written a review stating
that the keyboard is too small. But he didn't get a final version and
can't make phone calls...The comparison's are brewing between the Palm
Pre and next iPhone.

Facebook members can see the Palm Pre before it appears by signing up to get it on Facebook. Location service WHERE will be available for the Palm Pre. Chapter 8 of Mitch Allen's Palm webOS Rough Cuts  that covers system and cloud services can now be read.

On Thurdsay, we learned a lot. There are many Twitter apps in the making for the Palm Pre.  When someone is calling the ring sounds like musical bells. Verizon is expected to sell the Palm Pre next year when the exclusive deal with Sprint is over. At the D7 conference more details were revealed for the app store and a they played a funny video of the Pre's spokemodel Roger McNamee. Itunes can be directly purchased and downloaded to the Palm Pre and it will sync with iTunes.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that the Palm Pre will support IMAP IDLE on Gmail which is allow for better syncing and
push email. Twitter search is supported in the Palm Pre universal search feature. There will be a candy bar style Palm Pre, the Eos aka Castle/Pixie.

The gesture features of the Palm Pre are very intutive and easy to learn. The business guide etoles the vitues of the Palm Pre for business including remote wipe for security.

If you are confused as to why the Palm Pre is so hot, hyped and loved, we suggest you read, "Palm Pre Best Features - Why to Hyped, Why so Good".

Here's the discussion at D7:

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