BlackBerry Storm Decorative Protector of the Day: Unique Skins

Okay, you have the new BlackBerry Storm and well it looks like almost every other smartphone, black and you may think blah.

Now you can outfit your BlackBerry Storm with an amazing technicolor dream coat, that is also scratch resistant. You can design your own custom skins with Unique Skins. Unique Skins are removable adhesive-backed vinyl covers for protecting and customizing your BlackBerry Storm, iPhone, MP3 player or electronic device.

Unique Skins are completely customizable. You can upload your own photos, or even use your own personal artwork. The Unique Skins customizer allows you to add text, resize, alter, and rotate any image you upload so you have the maximum creative control over the final result.

They have some very nice designs already made including the very popular leopard. The interface for making the skins is fairly simple like a drawing program. The possibilities are endless. We think it would make a nice birthday, Mother's or Father's Day present.


This skin is coated in a special high gloss scratch resistant
material. This costing features a "Self Healing" technology that allows
most dings and scratches to heal after a 24 hours period. By adding
this protective layer it is also impossible to smudge or smear the
design. This also ensures that the color will remain bright and vibrant
for over 5 years.

For $19.95, Unique Skin includes a custom scratch resistant skin for
the front, a custom scratch resistant skin for the back and scratch
resistant screen protector.

The skin is made from premium 3M material with a high gloss scratch resistant finish. It is printed with high definition printing. It has a precision fit
with non permanent backing which makes the Unique Skins, easy to install. What design would like on your BlackBerry Storm?

How about a real storm? 🙂

If you prefer a clear shield we recommend invisibleSHIELD
covers the entire body of the BlackBerry Storm and protects against
scratches for the entire body.  If you want drop protection the OtterBox case for BlackBerry Storm looks smart and offers defense from bumps, drops and scratches and even Labradoodles.

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