Free BlackBerry (Storm) Banned App: Wattpad eBook Sharer

wattpad-iphone.jpgWattpad, the popular free ebook sharing community announced last week the availability of BlackBerry Storm support for
its ebook app that works with the BlackBerry Storm's touchscreen. Then it was banned from the store a few days later.  We didn't name Wattpad Free BlackBerry Storm App of the Day, because it may infringe upon the rights of authors, writers and publishers.

According the Wattpad blog, the BlackBerry Wattpad app "was pulled by RIM
while they are investigating the usage of the app. We are working with
the App World team and hope to restore availability soon."

You can still download Wattpad directly from the Wattpad mobile site,  by pointing the BlackBerry browser to

The Wattpad app allows users to upload, read, and share books on phones Their website says, "You can read what you like and share what you write, because the
material on Wattpad are uploaded by community members like you. You can upload whatever you want to share - a story, an essay or a
joke, and then read it wherever you are even on your mobile phone.
Can't find something? You can request it from other Wattpad members."

Mmmmn kind of like napster for eBooks perhaps? Wattpad allows users to upload text and MS Word docs from your computer to the service.
Wattpad could get people in copyright trouble, like if you serach for "The
Curious Case of Benjamin Button," there appears a script which may be
copyrighted by Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures. The original F.
Scott Fitzgerald story may be public domain but the script is probably

The Wattpad iPhone app was number 4 in the iPhone app store as of March
26. Wattpad works on most Java-enabled mobile phones, including Windows
Mobile and BlackBerry devices. iPhone and iPod Touch versions are also

As editors and writers who like to get paid for our work, we don't
recommend this application but if you like stealing money from
publishers and editors this free banned BlackBerry (Storm) app is for
you. Or you can just tell yourself you will only read original and copyright free works.

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