Fun BlackBerry Storm Tips, Tricks and Info

BlackBerry_Stormlittle.jpgWe found some fun facts and things to do with a BlackBerry Storm.  Please let us if you have any better or fun tips. The BlackBerry Storm now has popular following of users who love to do tricks with it.

BlackBerry Storm SMS Tips

  • SMS messages have sender specific ringtones, then you don't have to look to see who sent the text.
  • When sending a SMS, push the menu key twice to send the message.

Email Tip for BlackBerry Storm

  • When you are in email, and you hold your finger on the screen on a
    particular email (not pressing the screen just touching it) it brings
    up all the emails from that email address.

Black Berry Storm Zooming Tips

  • To zoom in to pictures and websites, instead of double light tapping
    which sometimes can bring up the status menu at the bottom, just put
    your finger lightly on the screen where you want to zoom into, wait
    about a half a second, then press in so the screen clicks.
  • With pictures, you can put your finger in one position and click
    multiple times (no too fast though) without taking your finger off the
    screen to zoom in multiple times.
  • To zoom back out, press the Escape key once for the previous zoom
    status. Press the Escape key slowly multiple times to zoom out
    progressively. Press the escape key two or three times quickly to go to
    original view (no zoom).

Navigation Tips

  • Press the home screen above the buttons to bring up the App screen instead of the Berry button
  • While typing in BlackBerry Messenger, swipe your finger left or right to go to the next or previous BBM conversation.
  • You can hold down the BlackBerry button to bring up the App switcher.

  • While listening to MP3's hold down the up or down volume key on the side of the device to advance to next or previous song.

Don't Forget to Put Your BlackBerry Storm to Bed at Night:

  • First, press
    clock and hit the menu key and there is an option for bedside mode. Once selected, it displays the clock and turns off the LED. You
    can also use this
    when driving at night. Goodnight BlackBerry Storm.

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