BlackBerry (Storm) and Smartphone Free App of the Day: Qik Live Video Share


We're still sorting through all the great things we saw at CTIA and realize that we were impressed with the Qik demo at the BlackBerry booth. Qik is a video sharing service that allows you to stream live video from your smartphone camera to the Qik website or other website.

Qik is today's free BlackBerry and Smartphone App of the Day for people who like to share through video.

Qik suggests you use the service to share family moments such as a new baby or birthday party which you can also share to MySpace or Orkut. They say you can broadcast events and news spontaneously and share the results live on any website. Qik allows you to broadcast to partner sites like Mogulus,, and Twitter. Qik can be used to record incidents for legal and insurance purposes or provide live customer support.

Qik has a chat feature so your friends can comment on the action as it happens. Mrs. Kutcher aka Demi Moore uses Qik to video blog her life and is very popular on Qik.

For BlackBerry users there is an alpa version of Qik, for BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry Storm available by browsing in your BlackBerry browser to  Qik supports iPhone, HTC Windows Mobile Phones, Nokia phones, BlackJack, Motorola Q, AT&T Tilt and others.

CrackBerry took this video from CTIA .

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  1. I just want to say that after watching the video of the man demo-ing the Qik program, that it does NOT infact work ON the blackberry Storm as he stated. I know he showed the Storm phone WITH the Qik program working ON it along with other Blackberry phones However, it is NOT currently compatible with the Blackberry Storm phone, contrary to what the man WORKING FOR Qik just said. I was pissed! i wanted to use this app soo bad! But he lied, it does not work for the Storm. Bummer. I'd work on that. 🙁

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