Free BlackBerry Storm App - BlackBerry Storm Free Download of the Day: Level


Xtreme Labs is offering a free level program for the BlackBerry Storm. It works like a level that you get at the hardware store to see if your picture frame, shelf or window sill is level.  It turns your  BlackBerry Storm into a surface level device, via the accelerometer.

The free app allows you to see if the surface is at a perfectly horizontal level using your BlackBerry Storm.

You can get  the free Level app from your BlackBerry Storm's browser at or you can download it to your  PC and use the desktop manger.

Xtreme Labs develops cutting-edge software for mobile users that can
enhance their mobile network experience and enhance productivity or social
lives. Xtreme combines credibility, creativity, and focus on execution to
produce applications leveraging the untapped potential of mobile devices and
the nascent marriage of mobile devices to the media and the web. Xtreme is an
affiliate of Extreme Venture Partners, which provides capital and strategic
assistance to the success of technology venture start-ups. Xtreme Labs works
in collaboration with Extreme Venture Partners, an asset management firm
dedicated to early stage financing. For more information

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