Verizon Version of BlackBerry Storm Update Coming in May

capture12_45_56.jpgWhile searching through forums and websites it appears that the BlackBerry Storm update that will be pushed out soon will be version a slightly newer build than  which will  have all the features and bug fixes of  along with a few more.

If you would like to seethe long laundry list of all the changes to the BlackBerry Storm in please read our original article on BlackBerry Storm Update

Although there is no official word on what the  release does. Forum members at various websites with a leaked version have reported:

  • Faster screen rotation.
  • Faster (no lag) in clicking through menus and folders.
  • Faster unlocking and not can click on any button to unlock.
  • There appears to be a delay in locking.
  • When typing messages the font is smaller and seems less "laggy."
  • Fading effects appear nice.
  • Camera appears faster.
  • Web browser loads faster.
  • More memory use at load up but less memory drain after a few minutes.
  • Accessing multimedia and music is very snappy and plays immediately.

Others commented that there aren't big differences between this and  except for faster locking/unlocking and maybe the camera might be slightly faster.

Update on Update May 22: The current update is now
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